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3 Pitfalls You Can Avoid with an Automated Partner Levelling Dashboard

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It’s easy to talk about the benefits of partner levelling. But let’s talk about the negative impact on your business that traditional methods of partner levelling can have – and how they can be avoided with an automated program. Here are three pitfalls you can immediately avoid with an automated partner levelling dashboard.


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Pitfalls to Avoid with a Partner Levelling Dashboard


1. Partners Losing their Status

With partners working with multiple vendors, it is surprisingly easy for them to unwittingly fall behind on their compliance within a vendor’s channel program. For example, certified employees might leave the company, thereby putting the partner’s program status in jeopardy. The partner may not even realize this until it’s too late. However, a partner levelling dashboard means the partner can see instantly what they need to do to maintain their compliance in terms of training and certification, and even send them a notification that their status is in danger of expiring.


2. The End-of-Year Scramble

Most vendors level or tier their partners annually. This means they often wait until year-end to sit down and attack the mountains of spreadsheets that contain the relevant partner data. This is not only time-consuming and subject to error, it can add unwanted stress to all involved as they struggle to determine which partners go where, before they hit their deadline.

This is where the power of real-time partner data comes in. An automated partner levelling platform enables you to implement your own thresholds for partners to achieve, maintain, or elevate their status, and you can then see how well they are faring at any time with continuous real-time data. This eliminates the need to wait until the end of the year for tackling partner levelling.


3. QBRs with Little Value

Are you really getting true business value from your quarterly business revues (QBRs)? We’ve talked before about how traditionally these can often fail to provide an accurate picture of the state of the partner’s business or identify their potential for generating additional revenue.

With an automated partner levelling function, business planning becomes faster, easier and more accurate. The data shows you day-by-day, or month-by-month exactly where partners are at, with regards to achieving their status thresholds. By exporting this data to charts, with everything laid out, the result is a much more effective and productive partner QBR. And because the partner has the same data, there’s no mistakes or miscommunication when it comes to hitting those KPIs.


There are many pitfalls associated with partner levelling. Speak to Channel Mechanics today to see how you can not only avoid them, but how an automated partner levelling program can drive your channel forward.


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