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Quick chat with Andy Simpson

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Insider News has a Quick Chat with Andy Simpson, Chief Executive and co-founder of start-up business Channel Mechanics


Insider Media Limited, the UK’s National B2B Media Company, had a quick chat with our CEO, Andy Simpson.

The “quick chat” this week features Andy Simpson and is aimed at giving an insight into the life of a busy CEO. It discusses everything from describing “the business community you operate in” to “who’s your business hero” and onto “What’s your guilty pleasure.


When asked who his business hero is, Andy Simpson, Chief Executive at Channel Mechanics replied:


I’m going to be greedy. I have four heroes that help shape how I think about business. Three are from the same stable – Cisco, which I worked for in the late 90s. Firstly, John Chambers for shaping an organisation’s culture, secondly Bill Nuti for purity of vision in an industry and Todd Abbott for laser focused operational execution. The last hero is Marc Benioff for his ability to create and define new markets, he is untouchable.


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About Channel Mechanics

Channel Mechanics was founded by a team highly experienced in channel operations, channel sales, channel marketing and channel infrastructure to primarily focus on channel enablement and operational components for manufacturers that use distributors and re-sellers in the resale of their products and services. The founders have experience of large and small vendors in B2B and B2C environment and are experts in architecting, launching and operating channel go-to-market models globally.

The company’s mission is to provide enterprise “Channel Enablement as a Service” capabilities that allow rapid execution of sales and marketing programs, promotions or initiatives, globally or locally, through all tiers of the channel to provide customer satisfaction, brand preference and business growth without the need to invest in complex operational infrastructures.

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