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Channel Mechanics CEO Kenneth Fox talks Channel Automation with the Channel Happy Hour

Channel Mechanics

The Channel Happy Hour, hosted by Brett Martin and Mike Vizard, sits down with Channel Mechanics CEO, Kenneth Fox


Channel Mechanics CEO Kenneth Fox, sat down with The Channel Happy Hour to talk about Channel Automation. And discusses the impact it’s having on Distributors, Vendors, and Partners in today’s IT Channel.


Kenneth Fox, Channel Mechanics


In the candid interview, Kenneth talks not only about how but why Channel Mechanics came into existence. The issues he saw in the Channel which drove him to develop a channel automation software that moves away from the world of spreadsheets and semi-automated tools into a fully-fledged automated solution. A solution that truly helps vendors run their channel programs. A solution that includes everything from your basic partner portal to running Deal Registration to Demo Programs, MDF, Promotional type Programs, Pricing Programs, Rebates, Incentives, and Back End Credits.


Marketing Automation and Channel Automation

With more and more investment been made in the area of marketing automation, Kenneth addresses how to connect the dots between what people are doing on the marketing automation side, and what channel automation brings to the table. Therefore examining how the two of them can come together.


There’s the old adage: 50% of my marketing dollars work, I just don’t know which 50%. We’ve really made it our mission to help vendors and partners know how most effectively to spend those dollars, measure what’s most effective, and, repeat that across the entire partner base.


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Discover more about Channel Automation

Digital business transformation may be the latest hot buzzword, but when it comes to transformation in the channel, it all starts with automation. The Channel Mechanics team recently hosted a webinar “Top 5 Channel Automation Benefits” with guest moderator, globally renowned channel analyst, Mike Vizard.


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