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9-5 is Over-rated…My Experience of Working for Channel Mechanics

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I started working for Channel Mechanics as an Intern in September 2014. At the time, they were a young tech company. The office was based in the Innovation Lab on the National University of Ireland, Galway campus. When I finished my internship, I was asked to stay on. I jumped at the chance to work on a part-time basis while I completed my final year of university. I was getting great experience with them and the team were terrific to work with.


Shane FinneranOnce I qualified with my Bachelor of Commerce, I was delighted when Kenneth Fox, the CEO, called me up to congratulate me and offer me a full-time position with them. The flexibility of working with a young tech company is second to none. All hands-on deck is an expression that is often over used when it comes to start-ups, but that truly captures my experience. My role went from marketing tasks, to preparing customized demo’s, to being trained on software testing. That’s the beauty of working with a young company – you never know where you will be needed to help out & every day is different.


Itchy Feet

I started with Channel Mechanics as a young man and I feel I’ve grown, alongside the company. As part of my degree, I completed a semester abroad, in Hong Kong. Ever since returning, the urge to travel and see as much of the world as possible, has never left me. After about 18 months full-time working for Channel Mechanics, I began to notice most of my friends were in the USA or travelling Asia. I started to get itchy feet. However, I knew I didn’t want to quit my career, leave the people I worked with and the amazing experience I was getting. But I knew I wanted to travel.


Vietnam…Here I Come!

Shane FinneranAnd that’s where working with Channel Mechanics has given me the unique opportunity to experience living in a different country while progressing my career & maintaining an income. This sort of flexibility is something that every company should offer their staff where possible. In Ireland, I used to spend 2 hours of my day commuting. That’s over an extra day a week. But now my commute is eliminated. I work from the office in the house I’m renting in Hanoi, Vietnam.


The time difference in Vietnam means Ireland is 6 hrs behind. So, working for Channel Mechanics over here means my day starts a little later, at 11am & finishes at 7pm/ 8pm. I love this as it gives me the mornings free to myself. I’m living with 4 other guys my age, 3 Irish and 1 English. We live in a huge house in the middle of Tay Ho, an urban district located on the north side of central Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam.  We’ve got a ping-pong table on the ground floor and each of us have a large double room with en-suite. It costs considerably less to live here than it would back home. Everyone gets around by bike in Hanoi, this cuts out the costs of an expensive car & insurance as there is no need, or room for a car here!


Of my friends, more are now over here teaching English as a foreign language than are back home, working in Ireland. So, it has become a home-from-home. Teaching English is a lucrative profession in Vietnam. That and the fact everything over here is so much cheaper compared to home means this is the perfect place for a young person to save. I’ve only been here about 8 months, but already I’ve seen Vietnam, Japan, Singapore & Malaysia. The advantage of working online means I can literally work from anywhere there is a stable internet connection.


I’m satisfying my need for travel while keeping my career on track.


Seeing how people live over here has made me appreciate the little things in life more. Vietnam is a society that values family, respect, and reputation over material possessions. Among other things, the Vietnamese are known for their hospitality, respectful manners, and of course their delicious food! Working with Channel Mechanics has given me this amazing opportunity, and for that I will be forever grateful. I’m looking forward to catching up with the team at Channel Mechanics when I come home for Christmas!


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