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Channel Mechanics and Cisco Talent Bridge

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Channel Mechanics and Cisco Talent Bridge

A Partnership Building Bridges for Displaced Refugees


On Thursday, February 20th the lives of millions of Ukraine citizens changed forever. To the extent that this week the UN Refugee Agency declared that the war in Ukraine has forced more than six million people to flee the country. While a further eight million have become displaced within Ukraine.

With disbelief ultimately turning to credence, people and companies around the world asked how they could help? Having previously partnered with Cisco to power their Talent Bridge Matching Engine platform, a unique virtual platform matching the qualification of candidates with the needs of employers in 180 countries, Channel Mechanics again jumped at the opportunity to get involved when Cisco reached out in March 2022.



“We can create a positive ripple of change when we provide useful tools and empower others to change their lives.”

Jason Phillips, SVP, People & Communities at Cisco



The inspiration behind the project was to primarily leverage our existing Matching Engine platform to connect displaced tech professionals with recruiters. The overarching aim being to accelerate the placement of refugees into jobs with Cisco and their employer partners through the Talent Bridge program. Thereby assisting refugees to find employment to support themselves and their families. While at the same time allowing tech companies to hire highly skilled professionals for both technical and nontechnical roles. More often than not connecting them to professionals they might not otherwise be in a position to discover.


“As CEO of an Irish tech company, it’s wonderful to see how the global tech community has come together to play a small part in turning something atrocious into something positive for refugees. It was an honour to be asked to take part in this program. Giving our time pro gratis was one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever had to make in business. Why? Because quite simply, it was the right thing to do. Being in a position to help refugees recover their lives from the ravages of war and the displacement that follows, is something the whole team in Channel Mechanics is very proud to be a part of.”

Kenneth Fox, CEO, Channel Mechanics


How the Platform Works




The recent updates to the Cisco platform allows candidates to register their status as a refugee. In addition, they can indicate the country they are now residing in. Based on this data, the platform algorithm connects the refugee with open positions within their jurisdiction.


Channel Mechanics Talent Bridge


When a candidate self-identifies as a refugee, a “refugee badge” is displayed on their Talent Bridge profile that recruiters view. This in an option for them to highlight their refugee status to potential employers. From a recruiter point of view, they can now easily filter candidates to identify refugee candidates who apply for jobs.


Initially, the program was by invitation only. However, with Cisco now heavily marketing the Talent Bridge Matching Engine platform to specific communities outside of the original intended audience, it is certain to reach new heights. And while the new functionality only went live in mid-May, it is already seeing considerable traction. Traction which will only increase as the platform is about to be available in Ukrainian in addition to the other 16 localized languages. Taking one step closer to the ultimate goal of connecting displaced refugees with recruiters.



“It was a privilege to have the opportunity to work with Cisco on this project to help displaced refugees. Utilizing the Talent Bridge Matching Engine to connect refugees with career openings is a game changer. From the pandemic to the more recent Ukrainian crisis, by leveraging the Matching Engine, Cisco can open up global opportunities to a remote workforce.”

Denis Cronin, CTO, Channel Mechanics


To find out more about how Cisco is empowering refugees, visit the Talent Bridge Program

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