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Gain competitive advantage by creating solution bundles that give end users a more complete offer

Channel Mechanics

Solution selling has become more and more important as end customers demand complete solutions from providers.

Vendors who want to gain competitive advantage and win partner mindshare are achieving this by using the Channel Mechanics platform to create a solution bundled program “on-the-fly” using easy click selections to include products and services.

With the right data, vendors often determine that a segment of their market is looking for a combination of products/services that logically should be sold together. For example, a business unit may decide that sales can be boosted by adding on a logical product or service to the base product. Unfortunately, what looks good on a whiteboard is not always readily converted to a consumable bundle—i.e. it may not work in distribution or for Value Added Resellers (VARs).

With Channel Mechanics you can create bundled programs for channel partners to create competitive advantage and give end-users more complete offers. Solution bundling allows vendors to combine different product and service elements to create fuller solutions for customers. By grouping together products, services, and accessories from your portfolio into simple to understand bundled offers, and making them immediately available to the channel, you create a competitive advantage.

Our solution bundle program allows you to create, price and market product bundles, giving you an advantage over competitors. The program allows your channel marketing team greater targeting into different end-user customer segments. While from your partners’ perspective, product bundles, at compelling prices, add to their sales armory with customers.
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Benefits of Utilizing the Channel Mechanics Bundle Program

  1. Control which products, software and services comprise the bundle, as well as which partners and geographies have visibility to the bundle.
  2. Make changes as the market changes and easily launch to the market immediately.
  3. Ensure partners have the latest information and pricing on your bundles available to them.
  4. Promote only those product bundle offers that are relevant to specific types of partners or geographic segments geographies.
  5. Gain competitive advantage and make it difficult for the competition to understand your discounting by pricing at a bundle level.
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Key Features

Key Features

  • Creation, naming and pricing of bundles
  • Supports static and dynamic bundles
  • Bundles are configurable to explode to list of parts or stay at header level during fulfilment
  • Verticalize offers with bundles to serve market needs
  • Differentiate on value, not price, to create a competitive advantage
  • Inclusion of accessories for a complete offer
  • Build Your Own Bundles (BYOB) provides users with options within pre-set configurations

Eliminate the need to compete on price and focus on value-add such as attaching software and services, with our solution bundles platform.

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