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Marketing underpins all aspects of promoting and projecting your products and services, either independently or through partners, to new and existing customers. However, channel marketing has an added dimension.

Companies utilizing the channel to amplify their message, need messaging and marketing content for both partners and prospect partners. This is so to keep them engaged and educated about existing and new offerings. Therefore, channel partners use this marketing material for generating their own opportunities, as they often lack marketing resources internally. It is imperative for channel marketers to enable partners to market their brand by making available all the resources necessary via a content management system and therefore ensuring partners always have easy access to the latest marketing materials. Thereby ensuring partners build brand awareness in the market and choose your product offerings over your competitors.

As a result, this gives a matrix of four audience groups for whom you need the right materials and ways to connect and interact.

To Partner Marketing
Existing Partners
Prospect Partners
Through Partner Marketing
Existing Customers
Prospect Customers
  • In channel marketing, the classic four “P’s” of the marketing mix still apply; Product, Place, Price and Promotion.

    It is always a useful exercise to ensure you have your ducks in a row and are correctly articulating your value to the different audiences. However, with Channel Marketing, you are extending your four “P’s” to include Program and Partner.

    The Product will dictate the sales cycle (from a complex ERP system to a single mouse mat), and thereby the placement of that product through different channel partners, perhaps even distribution. Price will likely be flexed according to partner level and promotion and so already you have a complex spreadsheet to manage. Now add multiple program elements and different partner types and the role of Channel Marketing can seem daunting.

  • In addition to the creative side of marketing design and articulating value, channel marketers need to be able to track;

    • The effectiveness of pricing decisions
    • The profile and segmentation of your partners for correct product placement and promotions
    • How funds are spent and the ROI of campaigns and spend with channel partners
    • The results of bundling solutions on revenue and profit
    • Is the partner experience as slick and easy as you would like?

    Equally important is the role of liaison as Channel Marketing is invariably the catalyst between Product Management and Channel Sales, who often hold ultimate revenue responsibility, and profitability. However, Channel Marketing needs to devise the programs and promotions that deliver those numbers through the channel.

  • Take a good look at the marketing teams within your channel; increasingly, they are tech savvy Millennials and Gen X who interact through social media. In parallel, you will have partners with no dedicated marketing resource who also need to be accommodated.

    Ultimately, being “easy to do business with” is a top priority for vendors.

    Yet there are many elements you need to cover from marketing to training, and support to co-selling. Picking the right experience for partners, while increasing efficiency for you the vendor, is now a game changer and vital for success. A modern partner program will have multiple marketing elements all requiring execution, reporting and measurement of success or failure. Without the necessary tools and automation this is no longer possible in today’s channel ecosystem. That’s why world class channel marketers choose our channel program automation platform, to elevate the running of their channels.

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