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Channel Mechanics Announce Sponsorship of Channel Focus 2022 Virtual Event

Channel Mechanics

Channel Mechanics Announce Sponsorship of Channel Focus 2022 Virtual Event

The last few years have made one thing very clear – the IT/Telecom industries are changing! And they are changing quickly. As such, it’s now more important than ever to stay up to date on the latest thinking, best practices, and trends.

That is why Channel Mechanics today announce their sponsorship of the Channel Focus 2022 Virtual Event! And what better way to celebrate this partnership than to offer you, our readers, a special discounted ticket price! As a Sponsor we are able to offer you a special discount reducing the cost to just $245 to attend this two day event. Simply click on register and add the code channelmech2022-2 at the checkout.


Channel Focus Virtual 2022 Details:

Date: Wednesday April 6th and Thursday April 7th 2022

Location: Online from your home office, sitting room or even poolside!

Agenda: Download the agenda here

Discount Code: channelmech2022-2 at the checkout 

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At the Channel Focus 2022 Virtual Event, there will be over 50 speakers in the IT/Telecom industries speaking on topics that are carefully researched to deliver the information that you’re looking for to advance not only your Channel, but your career. While the event is virtual, it’s still a very much live event. None of the sessions, panels, workshops, or activities are recorded ahead of time. This means that you can ask the questions that impact you the most.


What makes Channel Focus unique?

Firstly, it is the World’s number 1 Channel conference, delivering a combination of the latest channel thinking and practical sessions where you can take away actual programs that are driving channel success today. Secondly, it’s a real opportunity to debate the issues in today’s channel.


In addition to some amazing speakers, Channel Focus will be hosting 8 Workshops:


The Discussion Workshops – A Real Opportunity to Debate These Issues

1. How do you build an effective MSP strategy?

2. How do you enable your partners to be better marketers?

3. The Channel chief of the future, which new skill-sets will be required?

4. Could you, should you and if so how, do you embed your partners, into your marketplace strategy?


The Five Golden Rules Workshops – The 5 Things That Will Make You More Effective at

5. Increasing engagement with your partner portal

6. Understanding who are your influencers and how you influence them

7. Developing an effective engagement strategy for your SaaS products

8. Building an effective GSI strategy?


We look forward to seeing you on April 6th & 7th. To view the full agenda of speakers or to register, just click the button! And don’t forget to avail of our special ticket price by adding the code: channelmech2022-2 at the checkout.

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