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Best Practice for Maximizing Channel Renewal Revenue

Channel Mechanics

Best Practice for Maximizing Channel Renewal Revenue

Channel Mechanics is delighted to announce that registration is now open for their forthcoming Webinar: “Best Practice for Maximizing Channel Renewal Revenue“.  Furthermore Channel Mechanics CEO Kenneth Fox will be joined by special guest speaker, Bryan Koyano, Global Program Manager at Extreme Networks.



Vendors leveraging partners often focus most of their attention on new sales. However, an easier revenue stream to tap into is that of Renewal Sales. All to often which left on the table. Smart vendors know that Renewal Sales can account for a significant portion of total revenue, especially for mature products and services within developed markets. Moreover, when the Renewals discussion is taking place, partners have the opportunity to both upsell and cross-sell to those customers.


So join Channel Mechanics and guest speaker Bryan Koyano, Global Program Manager at Extreme Networks, as we discuss “Best Practices in Maximizing Renewal Revenue”.

Some of the topics being discussed include:

– Firstly, Best Practices for enabling partners to maximize Renewals revenue

– Secondly, creating ease of doing business for partners, as it relates to renewals

– Measuring and Reporting Renewal rates, both internally and externally

– Driving additional revenue by including cross sell and/or up-sell offers, as part of the Renewals process

– Incentivizing partners to achieve agreed target Renewal rates

– Finally audience Q&A



Guest Speakers

Bryan Koyano

Bryan Koyano is the Global Program Manager at Extreme Networks. A channel management practitioner in the IT industry for 25+ years delivering partner success and executing go-to market strategies with a focus on time-to-market solutions for channel reseller/distribution ecosystems.


Kenneth Fox

Kenneth Fox is the CEO of Channel Mechanics, an award-winning SaaS provider that has developed a suite of CIPM solutions to help vendors manage and maximize sales through their channel. His expertise includes Channel Strategy, Channel Enablement, Channel Development and Incentive Models.

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