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Gaining Stakeholder Buy-In for Your PRM Platform

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In this segment of the webinar titled “Building the Business Case for PRM: How to Persuade Stakeholders that PRM is the Right Investment for Your Organization,” Margaret Adam, Head of Product Marketing at Channel Mechanics, is accompanied by Kenneth Fox, CEO at Channel Mechanics, as well as Scott Goree, Global Channel Chief at Skyhigh Security, and Dave O’Callaghan, Partner & Co-Founder at Bridge Partners.

Internal teams often struggle to understand the intricacies of go-to-market strategies via the channel, so it is important to anticipate where resistance can come from and the mindsets you may challenge. This conversation revolves around essential strategies for overcoming common challenges and objections, and how to effectively communicate the value of PRM to executives. They also discuss securing budget approval and rallying support across different departments, particularly  ‘Overcoming Resistance and Gaining Stakeholder Buy-In for Your PRM Platform’.


Listen in as the panel highlights:

    • Educating Decision-Makers Internally to Gain PRM Platform Buy-In
    • Providing Ease of Doing Business for Partners by Implementing a Centralized PRM Platform
    • Utilizing a PRM Platform to Systemize Partner Differentiation
    • Advantages of Outsourcing Your PRM Platform over Building In-House
    • Lastly, Maximizing Time-to-Market and Minimizing Costs with PRM Implementation


Want to learn more about Partner Relationship Management (PRM)? The full recording is available on demand now.


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