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How to Grow Sustainable Partnerships in the Partner Journey

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During the webinar titled “Partner Journey Excellence: Navigating the Path from Onboarding to Growing Sustainable Partnerships,” Margaret Adam, Head of Product Marketing at Channel Mechanics, spoke with Jennifer Judy, Senior Director of Global Partner Experience at HP, Penny Byron, Principal Consultant Partner GTM at Bridge Partners, and Kenneth Fox, CEO at Channel Mechanics.

Here, they discussed the importance of utilizing a hybrid approach when looking to ensure sustainable and profitable growth, by acquiring both new and existing partnerships. They also provided insight into the various tactics and resources required to achieve this in this snippet:  ‘Striking the Optimal Balance: Recruiting New Vs. Nurturing Existing Partners for Sustainable Growth’.


Tune in as the panel touches on:

  • Revenue Growth by Nurturing Existing Partners
  • Expanding Reach by Targeting New Partners
  • Incentivizing Distributors to Recruit Net New Partners
  • Leveraging Technology Partners for Upsell and Cross-sell Opportunities


Want to learn more about Partner Journey Excellence? The full recording is available on demand now.


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