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Leveraging a Data-Driven Approach to Optimize Future Partner Program Design

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In this segment of the webinar titled “The Partner Leveling Advantage: Unlocking Partner Potential through Differentiation” Margaret Adam, Head of Product Marketing at Channel Mechanics, is accompanied by Natalia Vianden, Sr. Director, Global Partner Programs & Strategic Initiatives at Extreme Networks, Dave Jordan, Global Partner Programs and Strategy at Thales, and Kenneth Fox, CEO at Channel Mechanics.

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to partner leveling, ensuring your partner program is fully automated provides vendors with the necessary visibility to track partner performance against program requirements. This in turn allows vendors to very easily configure rule changes and see the knock-on implications for partners. This conversation revolves around the benefits of a data-driven approach and “what if” modeling, particularly ‘Leveraging a Data-Driven Approach to Track Performance and Optimize Future Partner Program Design’.


Listen in as the panel highlights:

    • Utilizing a Data-Driven Program to Differentiate and Reward Partner Types
    • Utilizing Automation to Track Key Data Requirements and Gain Visibility into Partner Activity
    • Enhancing the Partner Experience with a Single Partner Program Dashboard
    • Importance of Having a Leveling Engine to Model Future Program Needs


Want to learn more about Partner Leveling? The full recording is available on demand now.


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