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How to Measure the ROI of Partner Relationship Management

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During the webinar titled “Building the Business Case for PRM: How to Persuade Stakeholders that PRM is the Right Investment for Your Organization,” Margaret Adam, Head of Product Marketing at Channel Mechanics, spoke with Dave O’Callaghan, Partner & Co-Founder at Bridge Partners, Scott Goree, Global Channel Chief at Skyhigh Security, and Kenneth Fox, CEO at Channel Mechanics.

Here, they discussed the need for an efficient and effective Partner Relationship Management Platform, and the metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that truly matter when assessing the potential return on investment (ROI) of Partner Relationship Management. They also explored the importance of looking at the wider picture, by determining the main pain points within your channel operations and processes that are hindering the achievement of business goals in this snippet:  ‘Measuring the ROI of Partner Relationship Management’. 


Tune in as the panel touches on:

    • Utilizing PRM as a True ‘Top-of-Funnel’ Metric for Channel-Sourced Deals
    • Implementing PRM as a Systemic Platform to Track Channel and Partner Growth Metrics
    • Achieving Partner Satisfaction and Enablement via Ease of Doing Business with a PRM Platform
    • Gaining Real-Time Visibility into the Revenue Pipeline with a PRM Platform
    • PRM as a Single Source of Truth for Channel Success and Partner Visibility


Want to learn more about Partner Relationship Management (PRM)? The full recording is available on demand now.


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