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Rebates, SPIFs and Incentives – What is Working in Today’s Very Different Market?

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Channel Focus, the world’s largest and most successful community in the IT and Telecom industry, recently hosted one of their webinars. “Rebates, SPIFs and Incentives – What is Working in Today’s Very Different Market?”. This interactive webinar, hosted by Rod Baptie, included Channel Mechanics CEO Kenneth Fox. In addition, Kenneth was joined on the panel by Diane Krakora from Partner Path, Steven Kellam of 360insights and Claudio Ayub from Perks WW Channel.


With all the changes happening in the market, it’s time for vendors to take stock and really understand what partner behaviors they are trying to promote. In addition, the discussion examines how vendors use their rebates, SPIF’s and incentives toolkit to enable the outcomes they are looking for.


In the webinar, you will hear the panel of Kenneth, Diane, Steven and Claudio share their real world experience into Rebates, Spifs and Incentives:

– Firstly, how you redefine the partner behaviors you want to promote

– Secondly, how you change your programs to promote these behaviors

– And thirdly, the types of rebates, SPIFs and incentives that are working today


A truly great panel who discuss the key changes they see vendors making. While subsequently sharing real examples of what is working today.


Watch the Recording: here 


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