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Realize the business benefits of a comprehensive Partner Portal with Deal Registration and Content Management for your Partners within weeks

Channel Mechanics

Winning partner mindshare can be difficult in a competitive and busy channel eco-system and especially so for Vendors who are starting their channel journey.

Being more attractive and appearing larger than you may be, can be easily achieved by putting in place the basic infrastructure to meet partner’s needs. The Channel Mechanics Channel Starter pack enables a great way to launch your channel program and helps accelerate partner adoption.

According to Forrester, 75% of the world’s commerce is now sold through the channel i.e. through channel partners. By utilizing partners, companies can accelerate sales and grow revenue without the overhead of investing in direct sales headcount. However, like any aspect of growing your business, building a channel is more likely to be successful if you have pre-defined goals, an outline strategy, and a plan for how to achieve it. A key element for success is having the right channel tools, processes, and platforms to enable your partners to engage with you in a digital and frictionless way.

From our experience working with vendors and their partners, we are pleased to offer The Channel Starter Pack. The pack consists of three key partner engagement programs:

    1. Branded Partner Portal
    2. Deal Registration Program and
    3. Content Management Program

Our Channel Starter Pack will ensure ease of doing business for your channel partners which in turn increases engagement and ultimately sales.

A Partner Portal is the front door for your Partners. Individually branded to your needs, our fully configurable portal is a single point of access for Partners for all their needs and interactions. It provides a digital destination for partners to log-on and experience a one-stop customized, seamless experience. Dynamic access controls ensure partners only see what is relevant for them and quickly locate the data they need to drive your brand to win new business. Real time tracking and usage management enables you to drive adoption within your partner community.

Deal Registration enables vendors to build partner loyalty and give visibility of the top funnel for the channel sales pipeline. Configure bespoke criteria for deal reg request forms to capture deal information, decision makers and timings. Define multi-level approval processes and automated notifications parallel to an integration with CRM to create a touchless opportunity creation process. With real-time reporting, partners can track deal and opportunity status at a glance, empowering your Channel Managers to concentrate on pipeline and deal closing acceleration.

A Content Management System gives vendors a centralized way to share relevant content with their partners. It removes workload on Channel Managers and ensures the latest information is available to partners when they need it. Configure a structured hierarchy of multiple content categories/groups like product, services, playbooks, real-time pricing, and track partner consumption of single pieces of content.

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Benefits of Utilizing the Channel Mechanics Starter Pack

  1. Our Starter Pack makes is easy for partners to do business with you, by giving them a one stop shop for all their immediate needs.
  2. A real-time and dynamic “Single Pane of Glass” view of your channel and channel partners performance, ROI status and level of engagement using integrated BI tools
  3. Make it easier for partners to sell your products by providing instant access to resources.
  4. Discover which partners are interacting with your content and get visibility of partner sales pipeline (by Geo, Product, Account Manager, Value etc.)
  5. Gain increased partner loyalty by offering a self-service portal, which is designed to improve partner engagement.
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Vincent Kelly

Head of Marketing

“The Channel Mechanics platform has brought new rigour and structure to Solgari’s partner engagement and business development. Being able to provide our 70+ partner organizations with a single point of entry to go-to-market collateral, product detail and technical specifications, and deal registration, is a core part of our strategy to better leverage the partnerships we’ve built and expand our channel sales into new markets and territories.” 

Key Features

Key Features

  • Custom branded portal
  • Secure, single point of entry for partner users
  • Manage partner access and track usage
  • Real time reporting and dashboards
  • Integration with CRM
  • Process automation

Our channel expertise and technology give vendors the tools, data and insights to shape the channel they want, for the customers they want, with the offers they want. Drive acceleration in your channel with the Channel Mechanics Starter Pack.

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