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Customer Loan and Try & Buy Program

Help seal the deal with our Customer Loan and Try & Buy Program

Channel Mechanics

Providing access to trial offers such as Customer Loan and Try & Buy programs develops trust, familiarity, and loyalty within your partner community.

When executed correctly and over the right time period, a Customer Loan or Try & Buy Program generally result in a positive buy decision.

End-user customers often like to experience a product or service before making a purchase decision. Being able to see, feel, understand, and utilize the benefits of the offer can therefore significantly assist the sales process.

Customer Loan and Try & Buy Programs have a number of variants – Customer Demonstration Programs, Customer Trial Programs or Proof of Concept Programs – but they all serve the same purpose. And that is converting customers to buy your offer.

Offering Customer Trial Programs through partners (and distributors) requires process discipline but the outcome is very powerful. Loan and Try and Buy programs enable vendors to configure and manage on-line control of product eligibility, loan request and approval workflow for the trial period and the buying decision.
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Benefits of Utilizing the Channel Mechanics Try & Buy Program

  1. Allow customers to experience your product and service offers to increase their likelihood of purchase, with a pre-defined program, workflow, and timeline.
  2. Capture relevant deal information to understand the customer and the opportunity before approving a customer demonstration.
  3. View which products, partners and customers are getting the most from your trial program with our customizable reports and analytics, enabling you to make changes to react to market conditions and launch to market immediately.
  4. Support the sales process both during and after the loan period by setting standard load periods with reminder emails.
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Key Features

Key Features

  • Define the loan/trial period for each program and control which partners have access
  • Automatic notification when loan/trial period ends
  • Enables partners the ability to make requests to participate
  • Tracks requests and delivers notifications based on program rules
  • Provides an internal approval process and reporting on program
  • Ability to flexibly limit entitlements to loan items
  • Automated approval process which can include a distributor
  • Provides partners the ability to make a decision on whether to return or buy

Seal the Deal by providing partners with the ability to participate in your loan and try-and-buy programs. By offering these promotion programs, it clearly shows partners and end customers your willingness to back your own products and builds trust in the market.

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