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The world’s most forward-thinking vendors rely on Channel Mechanics to maximize the performance of their channel operations.

We are proud to partner with the world’s leading vendors across a variety of industries, verticals, and geographies. Our mission is to empower vendors to capitalize on the channel by having one platform that provides the tools, data and insights to win partner mindshare, build loyalty and gain visibility into partner and program performance.

And we back up our solutions with best-in-class services and support.

Natalia Vianden

Senior Director Global Channel Programs

"Channel Mechanics has been essential for Extreme to allow visibility into our channel on how they are tracking towards their programmatic requirements and benefits. We create transparency and visibility to our channel with up-to-date information through their tools. Channel Mechanics has also shown great dedication and professionalism to implement each individual program with different metrics."

Lana King

VP Partner Programs, Training & Enablement

"Ease of doing business is at the heart of the Mitel partner program and helping our partners easily understand our program is key to ensuring engagement. To provide an ideal experience for our partners we use the Channel Mechanics Platform to automate our partner levelling program. The Levelling module enables us to configure complex program rules to meet our business needs but at the same time makes it very easy for partners to understand the program offer and which tier they are assigned."

Sunny Song

Director, Partner Operations

"This is my second time using Channel Mechanics and they are absolutely the best vendor to work with. The relationship is a true partnership where they strive to help us be successful. Their solutions allow us to streamline and automate our incentive operations, allowing accurate and timely payments. We use them to manage our Partner rebates, SPIFFs and referrals, and looking forward to implementing their levelling module to support our very manual Partner compliance. Their excellent customer service cannot be beat and it comes from top down, truly an outstanding group of people".

Stuart Campbell

EMEA Renewals Manager

“Our use of the Channel Mechanics Platform has enabled us to both dramatically improve turnaround times for quote requests and reduce the administrative traffic to the teams' inboxes allowing them to focus on value-add tasks. Our key objectives in implementing the portal are to improve on-time renewal rates and improve the ease for partners in doing business with us and we are seeing improvements in both as we roll the project out. We are planning further expansion of the use of the platform and the Channel Mechanics Team are great partners in helping us develop and implement these projects"

Todd Shires

Channel & Distribution Director

“Building a go to market through the channel requires gathering data from multiple partners to get a complete picture of your business. Instead of building tools in house to aggregate POS data, we found it to be much more efficient to partner with Channel Mechanics to provide this service. The Channel Mechanics team listens to our needs first and then builds out the platform to fit our specific requirements within a timely manner. It gives me peace of mind knowing that we can scale the services we currently have through Channel Mechanics as our channel business grows as well.”

Dave Crilly

Senior Director of Partner Marketing

"Channel Mechanics’ customer support is unmatched. Everyone we’ve had the pleasure of working with is highly responsive, innovative, accommodating, and transparent.”

AJ Tedesco

VP Channels

“We utilize the Channel Mechanics platform to streamline our Deal Registration process, allowing for automated lead generation on SFDC upon approval and complete traceability for our partners. The platform ensures ease of doing business for our partners, reducing channel conflict, and provides status updates for the lifetime of the deal. We have also been able to seamlessly build a number of reward programs on the platform based on Deal Registration which allows us to incentivize our partners. This Deal Registration automation has resulted in both sales and market share growth, while providing a clean sales pipeline for better management and focus. The team at Channel Mechanics were extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and provided a level of support second to none in helping us set up and deploy our Deal Registration program.”

Andrea Vanegas

Senior Global Program Manager

"Getting partners attention in a busy marketplace is challenging at the best of times and trying to gain alignment on an agreed set of goals can be a tricky proposition. By leveraging the Channel Mechanics Platform and their teams know how we were able to gain partner mindshare and reward desired behavior to a level of granularity not previously possible. The speed of implementation and ease of use of performance programs on the Channel Mechanics Platform enabled us to create the differentiation we desired. Above all, the Channel Mechanics team have an incredible understanding of the channel and their commitment to delivering meaningful business outcomes is unparalleled. They are the best business partners you could have in this space."

Bryan Koyano

Global Programs Manager

"By leveraging the Channel Mechanics Platform, we were able to automate the delivery of renewal opportunities to our partners via our partner portal. Providing partners renewal opportunities in an easy to consume way with value, due date, and end customer summaries along with reminder emails and measuring renewal rates has empowered our partners to drive increased renewal revenue."

April Cohen

Director Partner Programs & Operations

"Our rebate programs are one of the core elements we provide to incentivize and reward our partners. The Channel Mechanics platform has enabled us to automate the delivery of these rebates. It provides a clear dashboard of achievement for both our partners and our internal leaders and partner account managers. The solution provides a single page where the partners can see their targets, performance, rebate achievement, and can make and track claims. This has greatly simplified the experience for our partners, whilst providing us with a clear overview of program budgets, partner achievement, and payments."

Conor Madden

Sales Director

"Here at TitanHQ we use the Channel Mechanics Renewals Module to automate the delivery of renewal opportunities to our partners. Ensuring ease of doing business for our partners when it comes to renewals is critical to ensuring we maximise renewal revenue and the Channel Mechanics Platform has delivered the desired partner experience."

Karen Zabardi

Snr. Intl. Vendor Business Manager

"As a distributor supporting renewals there are a lot of moving parts and trying to automate the process was challenging. We solved this by using the Channel Mechanics Platform. The team were extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and proved to be an excellent technology partner in supporting both us and our partners. Making it easy for our partners to access renewal opportunities and measuring renewal rates created the required focus for both partner and internal users to ensure timely renewals and revenue."

Balaji Subramanian

SVP Global Channel

"The Channel Mechanics Rebates Module has enabled us to truly engage and drive our Partners’ behaviors. Working with Channel Mechanics has allowed us to visually present our shared objectives with the Partners, it has really moved the needle in terms of Partner participation rates as it was very easy for users to track their performance and work towards their incentives targets. The Channel Mechanics Platform and their teams level of knowledge have helped us transform how we execute our partner performance programs."

Ryan Griffis

Manager, Global Channel Programs

"Our MDF program is a cornerstone of our Partner Program and is designed to support and encourage the lead generation and enablement activities of our channel partners. The Channel Mechanics MDF module gives us the flexibility to operationalise our program in a highly customisable manner, allowing us to actively adapt our program to align with evolving company strategy. From a program management perspective, the module allows us to manage budgets, users and approval flows, track all requests and claims, and be confident in the knowledge that each and every MDF request flows through a consistent process, essential for our accounting and audit purposes. For our channel partners it provides a simple-to-use interface to request, receive approvals and claim MDF. In particular, the payment API integration between Channel Mechanics and XTRM has been a game-changer, transforming MDF payment from our #1 pain point to a significant program strength."

Kirt Matsuo

Sr. Director of Channel Management

"We partnered with Channel Mechanics to help manage deal registrations and promotional claim requests. We were able to setup a deal registration program that was easy for the partners to learn and enabled the Ultimaker team to review and approve requests quickly. The Channel Mechanics Promotions Module enabled the Ultimaker team and our partners to have full visibility of claim requests in real-time. It also allowed us to quickly roll-out new promotion offers to our partners and manage those programs with minimal effort. The Channel Mechanics Platform and the support and advice from the Channel Mechanics team helped us transform how we execute or partner promotion programs."

Chris Burns

Senior Director, Global Partner Programs (Partner Success Group) at Informatica

"Here at Informatica we are using the Channel Mechanics platform to deliver our global Rebates, Incentives and MDF programs. After several attempts and various platforms in running these programs with limited success we engaged the Channel Mechanics team to support the execution of our programs globally. From day one the chemistry between our teams was excellent and the results have been outstanding. Our partners now enjoy a very positive experience in how simple it is to work with Informatica and internally we have instance access to program performance with real-time reporting enabling us to be much more strategic in how we work with our channel."

Renato Crepaldi

Senior Manager, Cisco WW Distribution LATAM

"We asked Channel Mechanics to help us automate the channel operations for our distributors across Latin America. Within a short period of time Channel Mechanics has engaged with our distributors and has launched programs that are already improving the efficiency and profitability of distributors across the region."

Margaret Fetting

Senior Channel Marketing Manager at LG Electronics

"The Channel Mechanics Platform has revolutionized how we execute our partner rebate programs. Both the Channel Mechanics team and the platform have brought a whole new meaning to the term ‘Ease of Doing Business’. All of the time consuming and error prone activities related to rebate calculations have been completely automated providing LGE and our Partners timely and accurate rebate information. The Channel Mechanics Team have been a pleasure to work with and added a lot of value for us with the project in terms of best practice for our channel."

Guenter Alde

Zebra Technologies

"I'm working with Channel Mechanics now for the past 5 years and still I have not seen any suite of tools that can deliver what their platform is able to. We use ChannelIT to drive our EMEA wide Demo Purchase Program as well as specific targeted Promotions. The easy to use interface and capabilities of the tool saves us tremendous time in the go-to-market process for promotions (a promotion can be pushed out to the market in 1-2 days based on complexity...even faster). The functionality to drive our demo program is fully automated, the system ensures eligibilities and enforces entitlements based on Partner differentiation. This reduces our administrational burden to a max. The ROI is outstanding, once a Program is set up is runs almost without human intervention. The reporting capabilities and Dashboards available are easy to use and give full visibility to all programs driven through this platform. The Channel Mechanics Service and especially the Project Management is outstanding and exemplary. I wish Channel Mechanics all the best for the future and ongoing success with this great platform!"

Omar Shaban

Director, Global Operations Programs at Cisco

"Faced with a new business challenge to accurately correlate the skills and career aspirations of Cisco’s Networking Academy students with opportunities at our channel partners, we turned to Channel Mechanics based on their close interconnections with Cisco and its partner database through their work with Cisco’s Worldwide Distribution team. This turned out to be an excellent choice as the Channel Mechanics team were able, in a short period of time, to not just solve the challenge we had identified, but go beyond to further enhance the product, and the experience of all involved. As the program has gained traction, Channel Mechanics have been extremely innovative in driving improvements across the platform. Most recently, this has involved incorporating complex Machine Learning algorithms and Artificial Intelligence to guide Cisco course development and student career roadmaps to ensure our partners have the best possible talent.  Channel Mechanics has proven to be an excellent strategic partner to us, delivering on time / on budget, as well as providing us with strategic insights on how to improve our offerings."

Dipti Grove

Marketing Manager at Herman Miller

"Our relationship with Channel Mechanics is invaluable to our incentive program.  The team has worked diligently with us from concept design to development and testing while continuing to provide extensive support after program launch.  We work collaboratively with the CM team to ensure continuous improvement with our program, and appreciate their industry knowledge.  We have been extremely happy with the current program and look forward to expanding project scope."

Motorola Team

Motorola Team

"The Motorola team would recommend the channelIT platform to any organization that wants to develop its channel because of its speed, effectiveness and ease of use."

Vincent Kelly

Head of Marketing

“The Channel Mechanics platform has brought new rigour and structure to Solgari’s partner engagement and business development. Being able to provide our 70+ partner organizations with a single point of entry to go-to-market collateral, product detail and technical specifications, and deal registration, is a core part of our strategy to better leverage the partnerships we’ve built and expand our channel sales into new markets and territories.”

Patrick Vonck


"It is much easier for us as distributors to control and follow requests for demonstration equipment. It has proved very beneficial for us to use the channelIT tool."

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