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There is no better way to generate traction in the market than through implementing a deal registration program.

Channel managers know that getting channel partners to register deals can be a challenge. But without offering partners a program to register deals you will lack visibility of sales pipeline and run the risk of having channel conflict.

A well-designed deal registration software program provides visibility of the deals your partners are working on and better enables you to incentivize closing partner business.

The Channel Mechanics deal registration software, allows partners to log information on a sales opportunity, including evidence they have generated demand and customer preference for your solutions. Partners can then document that they are engaging with relevant decision makers, that there is budget available and the purchasing decision timeline. Giving you real-time sales forecasting metrics.

In return, partners expect a degree of support. Whether in the form of sales engagement support, additional discount, or deal protection / exclusivity periods for sharing their working opportunities and end customer information. By offering partners a well thought out and executed Deal Registration program, you can eliminate channel conflict, generate partner loyalty and provide clear visibility into sales pipeline.
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Benefits of The Channel Mechanics Deal Registration Program

  1. Eliminate partner conflict by preventing multiple partners from registering the same deal. In compliance with anti-competitive legislation, protect partners investing in bringing in new customers from partners who cannot bring the same value to the customer.
  2. Eliminate conflict between direct and indirect sales while at the same time building partner trust by providing end customer exclusivity, for an agreed period of time.
  3. Gain visibility into your partner’s pipeline and discover which partners are “proactively” selling. With real-time reporting you can monitor program progress at either a program, product or partner level to see the opportunities partners are actively working
  4. Grow revenue and/or expand market share. Ensure partners get enhanced support on qualifying deals and reward partners for finding and winning new customers, or incremental opportunities within existing customers.
  5. Real-time reporting enables you to monitor progress at either a program, product or partner level. Thereby giving you the opportunity to see what sales opportunities partners are actively working and progressing.
  6. Partners have access to track deal progress, including real-time information on deal status. This eases the workload of the channel account manager (CAM), freeing them to focus on more revenue generating activities.
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AJ Tedesco

VP Channels

We utilize the Channel Mechanics platform to streamline our Deal Registration process, allowing for automated lead generation on SFDC upon approval and complete traceability for our partners. The platform ensures ease of doing business for our partners, reducing channel conflict, and provides status updates for the lifetime of the deal. We have also been able to seamlessly build a number of reward programs on the platform based on Deal Registration which has allow us to incentivize our partners. This Deal Registration automation has resulted in both sales and market share growth, while providing a clean sales pipeline for better management and focus. The team at Channel Mechanics were extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and provided a level of support second to none in helping us set up and deploy our Deal Registration program.

Key Features

Key Features

  • An online deal registration program for partners to make requests
  • Control of eligible resellers, products and discounts
  • Configure bespoke criteria for deal registration requests
  • Formal deal registration request approval process
  • Routing to appropriate approvers
  • Integration with SFDC and other CRM systems to automatically create opportunities once a deal registration request is approved.
  • Automated notifications on the progress of a deal
  • Email and portal notifications
  • Ability to search and report on deals
  • Sales pipeline visibility
  • Incentivize deal closure – Run programs to accelerate sales pipeline
  • Build trust and loyalty within your partner community and eliminate channel conflict while providing clear visibility into sales pipeline.

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