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How Partner Performance Dashboards are Driving Channel Revenue Growth

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A Partner Performance Dashboard is a graphical interface that provides a consolidated view of key partner performance data and KPIs in a visual format (i.e. charts, graphs and visualizations).


In a highly competitive and uncertain economic environment, businesses are increasingly adopting data-driven decision-making to enhance operations and drive profitable channel revenue growth. This approach extends to managing partner ecosystems, where data-driven strategies can improve collaboration, optimize resources and investments, reduce risks, and improve pipelines.

Channel Mechanics recently hosted a webinar titled “The Power of Partner Performance Dashboards.” The webinar featured a panel of senior channel executives, including Laura McGregor Falko, Head of Worldwide Partner Programs at Broadcom, Brian Kroneman, Sr. Director of Worldwide Channel Programs and Strategy at SentinelOne, and, Kenneth Fox, CEO at Channel Mechanics. Throughout the webinar, these industry experts shared insights on the value of Partner Performance Dashboards (PPDs) and how they have improved collaboration and performance, both internally and externally. While simultaneously driving channel revenue growth.

By utilizing Partner Performance Dashboards, channel professionals can adopt data-driven decision-making by providing a centralized and visual representation of key performance indicators (KPIs) and relevant metrics related to partner activities and performance.


How Partner Performance Dashboards are Driving Channel Revenue Growth


Driving Business Value Through Data

Having a single set of data that we work off both externally and internally, through a single dashboard, has really helped with alignment and getting us all on the same page in terms of performance. We see where we need to make changes, where we need to make some investments and so on.”

Laura McGregor Falko, Head of Worldwide Partner Programs, Broadcom

This can have a transformative impact, enabling you to make informed decisions based on data rather than gut instinct. The PPD becomes a valuable tool to address challenging questions from your executive leadership by providing concrete data and facts.

It eliminates the guesswork from partnering, including:

      • Understanding what value your partners bring to the business
      • Tracking the investment and ROI in your indirect business
      • Measuring partner contribution to your overall business
      • Evaluating the performance of different partners and the reasons why
      • Gauging partner engagement levels, and
      • Identifying the successful practices of your top partners


A Single Source of Truth for Busy Account Managers

With a Partner Performance Dashboard (PPD), account managers can effortlessly access real-time data about their partners, eliminating the need to download spreadsheets or log into various systems before QBRs and business planning meetings. Additionally, it helps resolve discrepancies between partner and vendor data, freeing up account managers to focus on increasing sales and fostering robust partner relationships instead of getting caught up in arguments about data. The dashboard establishes a common language and structure, improving communication and alignment, ensuring everyone is on the same page.


That single pane of glass, that dashboard view, can be used as a common language and a common structure. This is just so critically important for our account managers. It makes it feel like we’re actually helping them and not just adding more and more.”

Brian Kroneman, Sr. Director Worldwide Channel Programs & Strategy, SentinelOne


Strategic Alignment with Business Goals

Implementing a PPD can significantly enhance the channel organization’s alignment with the overall business goals. But take some time for soul-searching beforehand to ensure that your channel goals are in harmony with the overall company strategy. And only then include them in the KPIs on your dashboard. By being thoughtful in advance of implementation, you will help create much stronger alignment within the business.


It helps create that alignment within the business, which sometimes, certainly in bigger organizations, you’d often see drift from that.”

Kenneth Fox, CEO, Channel Mechanics


In summary

Implementing a Partner Performance Dashboard not only streamlines decision-making but also fosters collaboration and improves performance within your partner ecosystem. By leveraging data-driven insights and aligning with strategic business objectives, you can establish meaningful partnerships that drive mutual success.


Driving channel revenue growth with partner performance dashboards is now more accessible than ever…

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