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How to Utilize Partner Performance Dashboards to Build a Stronger Partner Ecosystem

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Every month, Channel Mechanics hosts an executive breakfast for leaders running channels, alliances and partner ecosystems in the UK. Each breakfast centers around a specific topic and attendees are given the opportunity to hear from a keynote speaker, on the dedicated theme. But in addition, it is an opportunity for attendees to discuss challenges and learnings with peers in a small, intimate setting.


Channel Mechanics at RACIn our most recent breakfast, at the esteemed Royal Automobile Club, the chosen topic focused on how to utilize partner performance dashboards (PPDs) to build a stronger partner ecosystem. This topic proved exceptionally popular. The reasons for the popularity of the topic became clear during the open discussions during breakfast, as vendors look to build a stronger partner ecosystem. As you were unable to attend, here are our top 5 key takeaways:


Top 5 Takeaways on How to Utilize Partner Performance Dashboards (PPDs) to Build a Stronger Partner Ecosystem


1. Channel Leaders Unanimously See the Value in PPDs

On seeing the PPDs in action, 100% of those attending agreed that PPDs provide valuable insights crucial for their businesses.


2. Emphasis on Performance Metrics

Performance metrics take precedence over larger organizational KPIs when it comes to prioritizing what information to show in PPDs.


3. Challenges with Internal BI/Analytics Teams

Previous attempts to involve internal BI/Analytics teams in building PPDs faced consistent challenges. For example, long delays, prioritization issues and an inability to share externally with partners (or embedding into partner portal).


4. Varied Metrics Based on Partnership Evolution

Metrics displayed in PPDs differ based on vendor and partner type, evolving as the partner program progresses. Flexibility to update dashboards (with new metrics) is considered essential.


5. Channel Mechanics Streamlines PPD Development and Management:

Channel Mechanics (CM) customers find value in partnering with CM for their PPD development, agreeing it was more effective and time-efficient than relying on internal BI. The fact that CM unifies and cleanses data from multiple sources, including their platform, CRM, LMS, and more was also highlighted as a key benefit. Finally, customers appreciate the input and advice provided by Channel Mechanics on considering what metrics to track and what is considered best practice.


We hope that you found this helpful and will join one of our executive breakfasts in the future.


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