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Configure incentive programs for your partner ecosystem to drive desired behaviors and deliver appropriate rewards in an incredibly targeted way

Channel Mechanics

With over 75% of world trade now flowing through the channel, and partners representing multiple brands, channel incentives play a crucial role in a vendor’s go-to-marketing strategy.

However, as the channel partner ecosystem continuously evolves, vendors often find their channel partners’ performance flattening, at a time when they are chartered to get more of partners.

For vendors, success lies in building a modern incentives program that caters to all partner types and business models, to drive desired behavior in their favor.

A well-designed channel incentivization strategy – and the incentive programs that flow from it – pays big benefits. Success manifests as program expansion involving hundreds and even thousands of partners and dozens of programs. However, spreadsheets and email no longer represent a modern technology approach to driving channel behaviour, showing return on investment and reducing overpayments, partner gaming and fraud.

Depending on the scale of your business i.e. if you operate in multiple geos/regions around the world and serve multiple industry verticals, having a platform makes the launch, management and tracking of your Incentive Program much more efficient.
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Benefits of Utilizing an Automated Incentive Program

  1. Accelerated program design time. Model and test incentive program designs iteratively adding, discarding and refining program parameters to optimize results and drive desired partner behavior.
  2. In competitive situations, faster time to market results in market share gains, especially when fortified with a long-term loyalty program.
  3. Reduced support costs with partners having full visibility on programs and their participation. Research shows that partners participation in incentive programs increases significantly in circumstances where they can monitor and self-manage their participation.
  4. A positive technology user experience for partners is a critical ease-of-doing business (EODB) factor. EODB results in higher partner engagement levels, yielding loyalty behaviors and ultimately, increasing market share.
  5. Empower internal channel teams by providing them with easy-to-use dashboard that reflect a real time representation of where each partner is at regarding their targets. This ensures a much more proactive approach to sales and eliminates time wasted on operational activities.
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Sunny Song

Director, Partner Operations

This is my second time using Channel Mechanics and they are absolutely the best vendor to work with. The relationship is a true partnership where they strive to help us be successful. Their solutions allow us to streamline and automate our incentive operations, allowing accurate and timely payments. We use them to manage our Partner rebates, SPIFFs and referrals, and looking forward to implementing their levelling module to support our very manual Partner compliance. Their excellent customer service cannot be beat and it comes from top down, truly an outstanding group of people.

Key Features

Key Features

  • Configurable incentive programs based on point-of-sale data
  • Incentives can be run without point-of-sale data
  • Allows targeting at partner or distributor companies or directly at individuals within these companies
  • Provides Vendor, Distributor and Partner dashboards for clear visibility on earnings and pay-outs
  • Timely notifications, approvals and pay-outs ensuring partners see immediate results thus aligning their behaviours with vendor needs
  • Global catalog based on a points system to ensure partner and user loyalty
  • Ease of redemption

Deliver channel incentive programs based on point-of-sale data and any additional rules you wish to overlay such as partner tier, certification, product, service, geography and many more.

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