Channel Mechanics

Market Development Fund (MDF) Management

Deliver and track MDF, Joint Market Funds (JMF) and Co-Op programs to partners in real-time to support their channel marketing programs

Channel Mechanics

For many channel marketers, a lack of clear metrics can stop the success of MDF spending.

With the Channel Mechanics Market Development Fund Management program (MDF), channel marketers can systematically control mutually beneficial marketing activities for eligible partners who request funds to contribute to marketing materials and activities.

Channel marketers can design, deploy, track and measure the success of the MDF program in real-time. In addition, channel marketers can report on the ROI of each MDF program, thereby continuously generating applicable leads for partners to focus on.

Our channel program automation platform provides a centralized means of assigning budget to your eligible partners or custom segments. Best of all, the management of that budget occurs within a framework that any corporate auditor can quickly follow. In fact, once the MDF Program eligibility and approval workflows are configured, the entire process, from request to payment, is automated.

Along the way, custom notifications and reminders are sent to ensure all parties stay informed. Thereby giving you back the most precious commodity of all: Time. Time to design more innovative Market Development Fund programs that differentiate you from your competitors and encourage channel partner to lead with your solutions.
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Benefits of The Channel Mechanics MDF Program

  1. Easy to use platform for partners to request funds and provide proof of execution for claims and receive payment
  2. Report key metrics on program use and ROI to justify marketing spend to finance
  3. Deliver real-time and relevant funding statuses to partners and customize the approval and sign off processes
  4. Automatically notify qualifying partners of fund availability, to immediately assist in their marketing efforts
  5. Transfer funds across financial periods, so partners don’t lose out
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Ryan Griffis

Global Channel Programs Manager

Our MDF program is a cornerstone of our Partner Program and is designed to support and encourage the lead generation and enablement activities of our channel partners. The Channel Mechanics MDF module gives us the flexibility to operationalize our program in a highly customizable manner, allowing us to actively adapt our program to align with evolving company strategy. From a program management perspective, the module allows us to manage budgets, users and approval flows, track all requests and claims, and be confident in the knowledge that each and every MDF request flows through a consistent process, essential for our accounting and audit purposes. For our channel partners it provides a simple-to-use interface to request, receive approvals and claim MDF. In particular, the payment API integration between Channel Mechanics and XTRM has been a game-changer, transforming MDF payment from our #1 pain point to a significant program strength.

Key Features

Key Features

  • Configurable fund management options
    • Set budgets overall, by partner tier, revenue, region etc.
    • Measure and track return on investment
    • Set budget periods, expiration and roll-over rules
  • Full configurable workflow for approvals on fund requests, claim requests and payments
  • Present partners with options to use funds
  • Easily determine allowable program activities and capture key program metrics
  • Customizable email notifications to partners
  • Allows partners to request funds with required information
  • Configurable workflow and approval process based on fund request type
    • Auto or Tiered approval
  • Automatic notifications based on approvals, rejections and claims
  • Integration with your existing ERP, CRM, PRM and Data Warehouse

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