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Channel Mechanics Announce Motorola Solutions As Customer

Channel Mechanics

Channel Mechanics deploys solutions to Motorola Solutions EMEA

Motorola Solutions EMEA chooses channelIT solution from Channel Mechanics to increase productivity and efficiency for its channel

Channel Mechanics, leaders in channel enablement solutions, has today announced its latest customer, Motorola Solutions EMEA. Chosen to deploy its channel solutions across over 3000 resellers and 40 distributors of Motorola Solutions EMEA, Channel Mechanics will be rolling out two different capabilities within its channelIT solution to support demos and promotions for Motorola Solutions EMEA.

The two modules Channel Mechanics will deploy for Motorola Solutions EMEA are demoIT, designed to help companies get the most from their demonstration programmes and promoIT which will give Motorola Solutions EMEA the opportunity to control the consumption of its products and offer flexible ways of promotional pricing. By leveraging the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform, Motorola Solutions EMEA now has access to a multi-channel application on a secure platform. These deployments both make use of the Virtual Entitlement Voucher (VEV), which works as a unique identifier throughout a company’s channel and also as a discount coupon allowing the distributor to claim back its rebates from the vendor.


“We’re thrilled to be working with Motorola Solutions EMEA to deliver this deployment of our channel solutions. Having a customer like Motorola Solutions EMEA is a testament to the services we provide. We’ve tailored our solutions to enable rapid execution of sales, promotions and initiatives without the need for complex operational infrastructure, and Motorola Solutions EMEA will see a clear ROI from promoIT and demoIT in its channel.”

Andy Simpson, CEO of Channel Mechanics.


demoIT, demo programme deployment from Channel Mechanics, will give Motorola Solutions EMEA the ability to control and differentiate between entitlements within the Motorola Solutions EMEA Partner Programme. By enabling Motorola Solutions EMEA to differentiate between partners based on a key benefit, the solution from Channel Mechanics will save money through controlling any abuse of the programme and being able to manage entitlement more easily.

promoIT from Channel Mechanics will enable Motorola Solutions EMEA to segment its target markets according to product, geography and partner, providing more control of its products and more flexible price promotion management. This means that quote-to-order time for pricing programmes will be faster, as well as the time it takes to get promotions live in the market. It will also significantly improve pricing differentiation and channel visibility.


Fun Fact About Motorola!

In 1969, Neil Armstrong spoke the famous words “one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind” from the Moon on a Motorola transceiver.


About Channel Mechanics

Channel Mechanics was founded by a team highly experienced in channel operations, channel sales, channel marketing and channel infrastructure to primarily focus on channel enablement and operational components for manufacturers that use distributors and re-sellers in the resale of their products and services. The founders have experience of large and small vendors in B2B and B2C environment and are experts in architecting, launching and operating channel go-to-market models globally.

The company’s mission is to provide enterprise “Channel Enablement as a Service” capabilities that allow rapid execution of sales and marketing programs, promotions or initiatives, globally or locally, through all tiers of the channel to provide customer satisfaction, brand preference and business growth without the need to invest in complex operational infrastructures.”

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