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solutionIT Enables Resellers to Market Multi-Vendor Solutions

Channel Mechanics

New module, solutionIT allows vendor collaboration to provide total solutions

Channel Mechanics, the award-winning channel enablement company, announces solutionIT which lets firms effectively promote multi-vendor solutions. The module integrates with the Channel Mechanics product suite to allow vendors to provide multi-vendor bundles into a channel community. It provides workflow and approval by each participating vendor to include its products in sponsoring vendors offer.

By doing so a vendor can offer targeted complete solutions to particular segments or verticals in a marketplace. solutionIT enables vendors to collaborate in order to present combined product offerings and solution bundles. This allows a vendor to expand the markets into which its product is offered by grouping it with companion products, thereby increasing the effectiveness of a promotion by offering true multi-vendor solutions through a single order.


“Resellers have historically struggled to promote products from more than one vendor simultaneously, and solutionIT has been developed to overcome the complex logistical issues involved in this process” said Kenneth Fox, CTO at Channel Mechanics. It helps resellers and vendors work together to provide End Users complete solutions whilst removing logistical constraints.”


The key features of the solutionIT module include:

  • Multi-vendor product portfolios
  • Multi-vendor solution bundles
  • Formal approval process for all participating vendors
  • Approval tracking capabilities for the program sponsor

About Channel Mechanics

Channel Mechanics was founded by a team highly experienced in channel operations, channel sales, channel marketing and channel infrastructure to primarily focus on channel enablement and operational components for manufacturers that use distributors and re-sellers in the resale of their products and services. The founders have experience of large and small vendors in B2B and B2C environment and are experts in architecting, launching and operating channel go-to-market models globally.

The company’s mission is to provide enterprise “Channel Enablement as a Service” capabilities that allow rapid execution of sales and marketing programs, promotions or initiatives, globally or locally, through all tiers of the channel to provide customer satisfaction, brand preference and business growth without the need to invest in complex operational infrastructures.


Company contact:

Kenneth Fox
Channel Mechanics

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