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Automate partner levelling / Tiering and present results to partners in an easy to consume dashboard

Channel Mechanics

With a good channel strategy and just the right catalysts, what starts out as a dozen or so channel partners can quickly flourish into a channel ecosystem of hundreds or even thousands of partners.

While growing your partner base is the goal, these partners can each have different models and support needs. Therefore, it doesn’t take long for vendors to realize that the state of their channel partner ecosystem is a far cry from being homogeneous. That it does in fact skew towards one of randomness. The result being different partners performing at different levels and having different levels of commitment, at different times.

With this growing ecosystem, vendors look to partner leveling or partner tier change management to ensure they meet the evolving needs of their channel/customer market.

The challenge is that most channel pros are digitally unequipped (or under-equipped) to do the rigorous math involving multiple performance criteria for potentially thousands of partners. This often results in countless hours on spreadsheets to try and get a picture of where partners stand with regard to your tiers and what associated benefits they get in return. This can be a very time consuming and manual process to achieve and is no sooner complete than it is already out of date.

By utilizing the Channel Mechanics Partner Levelling Module, partners are continuously leveled against the rules of the program and aligned with the correct tier. This means they get the correct associated benefits. At the same time, they can clearly see what they have achieved and what the gap is to reach the next tier up, or indeed if they are at risk of falling back a tier.

Representing the partners level in an easy to read Partner Performance Dashboard frees up channel teams to focus on sales. Thereby being proactive, rather than reactive, when it comes to helping partners achieve growth and get the benefits of reaching higher tiers.
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Benefits of Utilizing an Automated Partner Levelling Program

  1. Cutting costs. By automating the partner leveling function which is designed to calculate partner tier leveling changes according to numerous performance criteria, countless hours are saved.
  2. Early Warning System. Not all partners are going to improve in all aspects of a vendor’s performance tier definition. But by performing interim leveling scenarios, you can catch underperforming partners early and then invest in resources to identify partner’ issues and coach them back to growth.
  3. Perform “what-if” impact analysis by including or subtracting criteria such as revenue, revenue growth, training investment, marketing investment and partner portal activity, with minimal work versus weeks of grueling spreadsheet updates.
  4. Pinpoint where to allocate budget. By performing “what if” scenarios, discover which partners might change tiers, and allocate rebates and MDF accordingly to unveil the optimal tier criteria thresholds.
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VP, Partner Programs, Training & Enablement

Lana King

Ease of doing business is at the heart of the Mitel partner program and helping our partners easily understand our program is key to ensuring engagement. To provide an ideal experience for our partners we use the Channel Mechanics Platform to automate our partner levelling program. The Levelling module enables us to configure complex program rules to meet our business needs but at the same time makes it very easy for partners to understand the program offer and which tier they are assigned.

Key Features

Key Features

  • Implement partner levelling based on configurable rules
  • Revenue, certification, product specialisation, # of Deals registered, Opportunities closed, customer adoption rates etc.
  • Set frequency rules for updates
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Annually
  • Provide a partner dashboard to share results, ensuring Ease of Doing Business
  • Provide an internal dashboard for account managers to clearly show partner status and help them focus on partner growth
  • Deliver notification both internally and externally
  • Allow override facility for strategic partners
  • Allow for parent – child relationships so revenue and training for example can be rolled up to the parent resulting in them getting higher benefits

Utilize Partner Performance Dashboards to keep partners informed in real-time how they are performing against the partner tier they have been set at.

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