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Incentivize desired behaviors within your partner community in a game-like environment

Channel Mechanics

Managing by objective or setting key goals for partners, who in return are rewarded for achieving these goals, is a tried and trusted incentive.

However, these incentive programs often fail due to a lack of automation because there is little or no visibility into performance on either the partner or vendor side. However, Channel Mechanics provide a fully automated solution to deliver visually rich performance programs to the channel. Thus, meeting both the partners and vendor needs.


While channel partnerships between vendors and resellers start out strong, they can deteriorate over time due to various reasons. Resellers can become distracted with new vendors and therefore unmotivated to engage with your company and products. As a result, you may experience low participation from partners.

This can lead to partners missing their performance goals. To overcome this, it’s important to have a partner performance strategy that includes an incentive program that rewards performance against agreed targets. This can include metrics ranging from number of new leads, demo requests and deal registrations to revenue goals, certifications, and net new logos. By influencing behaviors earlier in the relationship, channel partners become more engaged with your brand and end customers more likely to purchase.
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Benefits of Utilizing a Performance Program

  1. Enable both partner and vendor users to clearly track achievement against objectives in a timely way to ensure the best chance of success.
  2. Influence behaviors earlier in the relationship continuum and drive higher participation, better engagement, and more profitable partner relationships.
  3. Drive desired partner behaviour based on specific goals, such as certification attainment. Nothing says a partner is committed quite like taking their team out of the field for training purposes. It is a clear signal of their commitment and therefore, important to reward performance.
  4. By setting objectives such as net new logos, deals registered or revenue attainment, and associating these with rewards, you are giving partners a visible goal to aim towards.
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Andrea Vanegas

Senior Global Program Manager

Getting partners attention in a busy marketplace is challenging at the best of times and trying to gain alignment on an agreed set of goals can be a tricky proposition. By leveraging the Channel Mechanics Platform and their teams know how we were able to gain partner mindshare and reward desired behavior to a level of granularity not previously possible. The speed of implementation and ease of use of performance programs on the Channel Mechanics Platform enabled us to create the differentiation we desired. Above all, the Channel Mechanics team have an incredible understanding of the channel and their commitment to delivering meaningful business outcomes is unparalleled. They are the best business partners you could have in this space.

Key Features

Key Features

  • Enable performance programs with specific objectives for associated rewards
  • Configurable based on any set of goals the vendor wishes to target – Revenue, Certification, New Logos
  • Partner dashboards for clear visibility on achievement against targets
  • Vendor dashboard for account managers to track all partners achievements against goals and enable account managers to better support partners achieve these goals
  • Points based system to build channel partner loyalty and stickiness

Execute performance programs that drive desired behaviours within Partner and Distributor communities. Drive key business objectives into the partner community to ensure alignment with overall channel strategy.

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