Channel Mechanics

POS Collection Automation and Reporting

Load point of sales data, report on data quality, accept or reject lines and leverage the sales-out data to execute targeted channel programs

Channel Mechanics

The combination of POS collection, data cleansing, and inventory reporting provides Vendors who leverage distribution with a closed-loop, auditable visibility into distributors’ sales transactions.

Without this functionality, vendors may not have accurate knowledge as to the location, price, aging, partner compliance or sell-through of its products.

Implementation of the Channel Mechanics solutions for POS collection, reporting and inventory tracking provides a structure for distribution sales management that can be built upon to ensure the integrity of this channel.

The ability to collect and report on both POS and inventory data significantly reduces partner and distributor queries. It enables vendors to implement programs such as rebates, incentives and partner levelling based on real data and eliminates claims disputes.

The Channel Mechanics POS Collection automation and Reporting program gives vendors the ability to load sales-out data in various formats. It automates the cleansing and loading of POS data and provides reports on data quality, enabling better decision making on what can be accepted and rejected. Once data is loaded, it can be utilized to drive programs such as rebates, incentives and various partner performance programs. It also provides the partner and / or the distributor with a view of their POS. This approach helps Distributors improve the quality of data reporting over time and creates a better working methodology between vendors and distributors to achieve mutual goals.
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Benefits of Utilizing the Channel Mechanics POS Collection and Reporting

  1. Provides sales insights on a Distributor, by Distributor basis.
  2. Reporting engine to enable detailed sales analysis – Product sales by Partner, Geo, Quantity, Frequency, etc.
  3. Obtain visibility on inventory levels by Distributor and ensure compliance.
  4. Pay salespeople on what the distributor sells, not what they buy. This drives better sales behaviour and helps to prevent channel stuffing. Thereby enabling vendors to show distributors they are committed to their mutual success.
  5. Provides data for key partner programs such as Rebates, Incentives and Partner Tiering.
  6. Reseller metrics enables vendors to focus on different categories of resellers, understand who the key resellers are and identify growth opportunities.
  7. Matching actual Sales Out to forecasted Sales Out, enables Sales In to be forecasted – which is often how a vendor recognises revenue – when the product is shipped into the distributor.
  8. Enables data mining to drive sales campaigns such as renewals, cross sell or up-sell and targeting of partners and end customers based on installed site information.
  9. Prevent grey or parallel markets by ensuring the Distributor is only buying from the vendor or other authorised disti’s through SI/SO reconciliations.
  10. Enables audits to ensure no overstatement of true results.
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Todd Shires

Channel & Distribution Director

Building a go to market through the channel requires gathering data from multiple partners to get a complete picture of your business. Instead of building tools in house to aggregate POS data, we found it to be much more efficient to partner with Channel Mechanics to provide this service. The Channel Mechanics team listens to our needs first and then builds out the platform to fit our specific requirements within a timely manner. It gives me peace of mind knowing that we can scale the services we currently have through Channel Mechanics as our channel business grows as well.

Key Features

Key Features

  • Capture a range of fields including Serial ID’s, Asset number, End Customers etc.
  • Our reporting engine enables detailed sales analysis – Product sales by Partner, Geo, Quantity, Frequency and much more
  • Accepts various forms of point of sale or sales-out data to enable scalability through distribution.
  • Data cleansing and formatting options with a rules builder to allow vendors build rules to automate the acceptance or rejection of sales out data.
  • Configurable to enable the data to be parsed with rules such as apply a percentage uplift, exclude software or services, add specific product or geography constraints etc.
  • Reports on data quality and presents results to an administrator to accept or reject, down to a line level.
  • Both partners and distributors can see their point-of-sale reports and what has been accredited to them.

POS Collection, cleansing and Reporting enables vendors to collect point of sales data, report on data quality, accept or reject lines and once loaded, leverage the sales-out data to execute targeted channel programs.

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