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Support future growth with tailored rebate programs that drive desired behaviors while empowering partners with access to agile dashboards

Channel Mechanics

Rebate programs provide a mechanism to reward partners for their end customer business.

When run correctly, a rebate program provides differentiation to drive partner preference for your brand. It’s a competitive marketplace and ensuring partners can easily understand, participate, achieve the required targets and get their rebates paid in a timely fashion will drive loyalty and brand preference.

Most channel partners have relationships with between six and ten vendors. So, it’s no surprise to learn how competitive it can be to get partners to lead with your solutions. That is why channel rebates play a critical role in driving deals to one vendor over another.

However, not all rebate programs are created equal. And a challenge for many channel partners is in navigating complex programs. As such, making partners aware of your rebate program, at any given time, is a simple key to success.

Rebates differ to incentives in that they reimburse your partners for part of the purchase price after, rather than at the time of the sale. Beyond base rates for achieving revenue or unit goals, rebate programs can be designed to provide incentives for exceeding sales goals, expanding market penetration or increasing attach rates to a sale. Traditional rebates range from between three to ten percent of the sale generated. While that may not seem like a large amount, a deal valued at $100,000 can easily drive a rebate value somewhere between $3,000 to well over $10,000. As competition intensifies, the successful management and profitability of a vendor rebates program is essential.
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Benefits of Utilizing the Channel Mechanics Rebate Program

  1. Provides an easy-to-use dashboard for partners to understand rebate targets, how they are achieving against these targets, when claim periods open along with payment status.
  2. Empower account managers to focus on enabling partner sales by providing them a clear view on each partners status against their targets.
  3. Respond to competitive attacks by showcasing a particular product or service.
  4. Launch to partners and distributors based on numerous criteria including tier, certification, product, service, or geography.
  5. Control the sale – drive brand loyalty by monitoring sales behaviour and proactively adjusting programs to entice partners.
  6. Real-time customer data. Our dashboards show real-time status updates on claims and pay-out. In addition to data on partners that are not engaging in the program.
  7. Verify all partner sales and eliminate non-compliant or fraudulent claims.
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Balaji Subramanian

SVP Global Channel Chief

The Channel Mechanics Rebates Module has enabled us to truly engage and drive our Partners’ behaviors. Working with Channel Mechanics has allowed us to visually present our shared objectives with the Partners, it has really moved the needle in terms of Partner participation rates as it was very easy for users to track their performance and work towards their incentives targets. The Channel Mechanics Platform and their teams level of knowledge have helped us transform how we execute our partner performance programs.

Key Features

Key Features

  • Configurable based on various forms of point of sale or sales out data
  • Provides partners visibility down to an individual sales line as to what transaction qualified for rebates and how much each sale earned.
  • Eliminates support calls and claims disputes.
  • Allows targeting at partner or distributor companies or directly at individuals within these companies
  • Provides Vendor, Distributer and Partner dashboards for clear visibility on earnings and pay-outs
  • Global catalog based on a points system to ensure partner and user loyalty

Make it easy for your partners to understand your rebate program targets and where they stand against these targets at any given time. Motivate partner sales by providing both internal and external channel teams with the data and insights to support timely decision making. Deliver channel rebate programs based on point-of-sale data and any additional rules you want to overlay such as partner tier, certification, product, service, geography and many more.

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