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Deliver sales promotions to the market in line with your channel strategy for the greatest market impact

Channel Mechanics

Channel sales teams have been incorporating a combination of incentives and promotions to spur sales since the inception of the channel.

However, 90% of sales ideas never get realized. By engaging in our sales promotion program, we believe it is now time to change that.

Whether you are breaking into new markets or dealing with competitive attacks, or simply looking to get the most from an end-of-life product, a core requirement of any channel program is the ability to cater for promotions of all sizes and shapes.

With our sales promotion program you can easily design, launch, and monitor your sales promotions to support partners in their dialogue with customers.

Our configurable promotion types enable you to segment your target markets by product, geography, partner type or any other variable required. Control the consumption of your promotions (who, what, where, when and how much) and offer flexible promotional pricing including discounts off list price, volume based discounting, and buy two get one free type offers etc.
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Benefits of the Channel Mechanics Sales Promotion Program

  1. Time to market. Launch and manage sales promotion to your target partner base in hours, and not weeks with a level of granularity not previously possible.
  2. Review sales promotion progress and make adjustments based on performance to take full advantage of market conditions.
  3. Support partners by giving them instant access to up-to-date information and pricing.
  4. Never over-run on a promotion again by setting program budgets and measure the ROI in real-time.
  5. Limit the number of units or budget available to partners to ensure widespread availability and improved partner satisfaction.
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Kirk Matsuo

Sr. Director of Channel Management

The Channel Mechanics Promotions Module enabled the Ultimaker team and our partners to have full visibility of claim requests in real-time. It also allowed us to quickly roll-out new promotion offers to our partners and manage those programs with minimal effort. The Channel Mechanics Platform and the support and advice from the Channel Mechanics team helped us transform how we execute or partner promotion programs.

Key Features

Key Features

  • Flexibility to define your preferred mix of target market segments
  • Hundreds of promotion types supported including discounts off list, volume, value, product, partner tier, bundles, etc.
  • Fully automated management, entitlement & compliance system
  • Dashboard & workflow alerts keep promotions under control
  • Real-time visibility on promotion performance and the ability to adjust the offer for best results
  • Configurable capture of end user information and add an approvals process as desired
  • Choose which distribution outlet to fulfill the promotion

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