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Incentivize and drive desired behaviors over a set timeframe, with the ability to easily track and reward behaviors

Channel Mechanics

Having the ability to target key individuals in the channel community, such as partner’s sales and sales support personnel, is a key requirement in a vendors channel reward strategy.

Rewarding individuals with SPIFF programs for achieving key goals such as sales achievements, deal registration or training, will drive partner preference, in your favor.

Vendors recognize the value and necessity of channel partners as their scalable go to market mechanism. And while channel partners provide the means to sell products deep into markets that vendors do not have the ability or resources to reach, partners frequently have relationships with between six and ten vendors.

Channel partners therefore have lots of choices as to which vendor’s products to sell in competitive situations.  As such, it is important to run incentive programs to incentivize partners to sell your product over a competitor.

Many vendors therefore use channel SPIFFs or SPIF’s (Sales Performance Incentive Funds) to influence behavior with their channel partner sales teams. A SPIFF is a short-term incentive to drive sales in a set period. They can include dollar rewards, prizes, or loyalty points – but they are all aimed at one thing – driving your sales.

SPIFs can be utilized to reward many kinds of activity including sales, net new logos, certifications, recruitment, meetings, distributor activity and YoY growth. And all these can vary by partner type, geography or any characteristic or attribute a vendor wishes to add as a level to the program. Vendors who run successful SPIFF programs develop stickiness with key partners and create the win/win relationships that continue to drive revenue.
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Benefits of Utilizing the Channel Mechanics SPIFF Program

  1. Provides the ability to target key individuals in the partner community to drive desired behaviors in line with vendor goals.
  2. Quickly reward individuals for their achievements and have them come back for more.
  3. Gain Market Share – when entering new markets, channel partners can be encouraged to sell your product over the incumbent with a SPIF incentive.
  4. Drive increased Deal Registrations to improve visibility of your revenue forecasting.
  5. Grow Pipeline – a SPIF is a recognized motivational mechanism to drive greater sales momentum within your channel partners.
  6. Quickly counter a new competitor’s program and retain market share.
  7. Budgetary assurance – Set overall fund allocation by Geo, Individual, Activity or any other attribute required.
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Dave Crilly

Senior Director of Partner Marketing, Netskope

Channel Mechanics’ customer support is unmatched. Everyone we’ve had the pleasure of working with is highly responsive, innovative, accommodating, and transparent.

Key Features

Key Features

  • Simple, highly configurable vendor interface
  • Easy to use Partner Portal for program execution
  • Integration with SFDC and LMS systems to retrieve the required data to allocate the Spiff rewards correctly.
  • Implement caps – Set program and individual cap’s to prevent over payment or undesired results.
  • Cash payments globally in every possible currency
  • Points-based rewards for longer term loyalty seamlessly tied to vendor objectives, i.e. revenue, training, new logos, etc.
  • Simple redemption process for both points and cash models.
  • Multiple languages and currencies supported
  • Channel Mechanics manages all global logistics and delivery (including payments and tax handling)
  • Partner dashboard provides clear visibility on points awarded and redeemed
  • Only redeemed points are charged
  • Ability to allocate to a partner company rather than an individual as not all partner companies allow individuals to be rewarded in this way.

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