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Evan Reen, QA Engineer

Channel Mechanics delights today in announcing the appointment of Evan Reen. Evan joins the team in the position of QA Engineer.

A native of Galway, Evan first completed an undergraduate degree in which he studied IT and Geography. Further solidifying his technical foundation, he then pursued and completed a Higher Diploma in Software Design & Development at the University of Galway.

Evan’s journey began on the development side, where he gained valuable experience during his internships at both Avaya and Planet. While honing his coding skills, he discovered a growing interest in the world of testing and quality assurance (QA). Recognizing the importance of meticulous examination in creating robust software, Evan made a passionate switch, transitioning from development to a QA Analyst role at Planet.  His background in development provides him with a valuable insider’s perspective when approaching software testing, allowing him to anticipate potential issues and ensure the final product meets the highest standards.

Outside of work, Evan enjoys keeping fit by going to the gym and playing soccer. He also likes to switch off by going for walks while listening to music or podcasts.


Speaking about the appointment to his new role:

“I’m thrilled to be joining Channel Mechanics as a QA Engineer. The warm welcome from the team has been fantastic. I am excited to learn and grow in this role and I’m looking forward to seeing the opportunities that face me. I see a bright future for Channel Mechanics, and I’m eager to be a part of its success.

– Evan Reen



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