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Mark Austin, Sr. Software Engineer

Channel Mechanics delights today in announcing our latest appointment, with Mark Austin taking up the position of Senior Software Engineer. 

Joining our Development team, Mark brings over 30 years experience to his new role. An engineer since the early 80s, Mark has witnessed rapid metamorphosis in engineering since studying at Warwick University in England, where he obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Throughout his career Mark has worked for numerous multinational companies including IBM, Microsoft, BP Exploration, Esso, Mobil and Avaya. These positions enabled him to gain invaluable experience and knowledge, which he now brings with him to his new position in Channel Mechanics.

While working as a hardware engineer for IBM, Mark played a key role in several major projects, including the development of electro-chromatic displays for the original IBM PC. Following on from his time in IBM, Mark joined Microsoft and switched to software engineering. Here he was responsible for web based B2B software for channel partners. During this time, he also implemented a job capture and scheduling system for monitoring newspapers and broadcasts for the Financial Times. The system was built to notify clients if they were reported in the media.

When Mark joined Esso, he gained exceptional organisational skills. Here he was responsible for a manpower scheduling system, ensuring the required skills were on site 24/7. Mark also worked briefly for UNICEF in São Tomé, Botswana Technology Centre in Gaborone and in Gestão e Organização de Informática in Lisboa.

Mark has led development teams in companies such as DMT (insurance), Gaelstorm (return on investment) and Money Butler (financial services). These systems were client facing web-based systems used to capture customer data and to propose suitable solutions.

Outside of his busy schedule, Mark enjoys going to the cinema and reading books. He is also an avid sea swimmer and can be seen swimming in Galway Bay most days – even in the winter!


Speaking about the appointment to his new role:

“I’m thrilled to be joining the Channel Mechanics team as a Senior Software Engineer. I am pleased to become a part of the dynamic, vibrant and talented team that is Channel Mechanics”

Mark Austin


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