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The Channel Meet Up 2022

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After two long years of waiting, we are delighted to announce that the Channel Meet Up is back up and running in 2022! Unquestionably, if you haven’t been to The Channel Meet Up in the past, you have been missing out! As an event for both channel sales and marketing professionals, it is a chance to work through channel challenges with your peers. Along with an opportunity to meet with people who deal with the same challenges and opportunities as you.

The Channel Meet Up

Date: Thursday, 23rd June

Time: 9:30 – 3.30pm

Location: Runnymede Hotel, Windsor

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The mood is informal, with the emphasis on exploring the issues at the top of your agenda. There are short talks from specialists on relevant topics – everything from sales incentives to compliance issues, from channel marketing automation through to co-branding best practice.

The main event is the panel discussion on channel sales and marketing alignment, where delegates can pose questions. Then, after the event, you will have access to research and content arising from the discussions and analysis papers. The aim is to build an active and productive real-world community of channel marketing professionals.

2022 is all about Channel Sales & Marketing Alignment. Once again Channel Mechanics is delighted to Sponsor The Channel Meet Up when it returns to London. So, why not join us for what promises to be an interactive day of networking and sharing of best practice…and the best part, it’s free!


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Aligning Sales and Marketing has been a challenge for decades and in the “Channel“, this adds a layer of complexity.

  •     Who does the Channel Team report to?
  •     How does the Channel team impact sales and inspire marketing?
  •     How can Channel teams influence both sales and marketing within your partners?
  •     Finally, does the Channel team align with sales or marketing or both?


The full agenda can be found here 


Channel Meet Up 2022 Keynote Speakers

Margaret Adam, Senior Partner Marketing Lead – Technology and Systems Salesforce

Tableau’s Margaret Adam is an industry-leading expert on ecosystems and is a passionate advocate of the value of effective partnering. She leads partner marketing with Tableau’s strategic technology and systems integrator partners in EMEA. Prior to joining Tableau, Margaret was an award-winning analyst for IDC in Europe, leading a group focused on the technology and innovation ecosystems in EMEA. She has been a regular keynote speaker at major industry events on topics including, but not limited to, cloud, digital and data ecosystems, ecosystem business models, industry ecosystems, the evolution of the services industry, next-generation partnering, talent, skills and diversity and inclusion, and the implications of digital transformation on go-to-market strategy.


Stuart Wilson, Research Director, International Data Corporation

Stuart Wilson is Research Director for IDC’s European Partnering Ecosystems program. While based in the UK, he has covered global business-to-business and business-to-consumer channels for 20-plus years in a wide variety of research, editorial and event-based roles. Stuart focuses on the evolution of go-to-market models and the wider impact on channel ecosystems, exploring how current and future trends will impact the vendor, distributor and channel partner landscape. Prior to IDC, Stuart worked at Infopro Digital as Editor of Channel EMEA and Event Director for DISTREE Events, managing a series of hosted buyer channel events around the world. He has also worked at ITP in Dubai as Group Editor for Middle East channel, technology and telecoms publications. Stuart started his career as an Editor at IT Europa based in the UK.


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