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Trade-In Program

Monetize your installed base, accelerate revenue and ensure customer retention through a simply executed trade-in/trade-up program

Channel Mechanics

Technology solutions are constantly changing. As companies embrace digital transformation, they are looking for efficiencies, security, and best in class solutions.

What worked a few years ago, can be replaced by a better solution today. A Trade-In Program, or and Trade-Up Program, allow customers to feel better about upgrading because they feel they are going to get some of their investment back. 

Channel partners benefit as they are able to offer a better solution to their clients while, at the same time, showing that they care about their client’s bottom line. With the Channel Mechanics Trade-In Program, you can support partners and give customers compelling reasons to stay loyal to your brand.

By launching a Trade-In & Trade-Up Programs (also known as Refresh, Migration and Upgrade Programs) you are giving partners a persuasive reason to get customers to make the leap to the next product version, update or even transition to your brand.

Why offer a trade-in program? There are typically three main reasons for using a trade-in or trade-up program:

  1. to encourage customers to upgrade and move to the next version of your product or service.
  2. to encourage customers to consider transitioning from a competitors’ offer to yours through a competitive trade-in program.
  3. to provide a straightforward transition path for customers whose products are coming to end-of-life stage or when you are planning to announce you will no longer support a previous version of the offer.

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Benefits of Utilizing the Channel Mechanics Trade-In Program

  1. Automation of what can be a complex transaction and enable the capture of key information associated with the trade in.
  2. Deploy trade-in offers to both partners and distributors at an attractive enough level to ensure participation.
  3. Analyse market trends with real time reporting on participation rate.
  4. Provide partners and end users eligible opportunities to secure renewals, keeping both your partners and end customers happy.
  5. A full audit trail of the fulfilment of the device and issuance of the software activation and licensing process.
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Key Features

Key Features

  • Configurable workflow and automation of the various notifications needed at each step of the trade in to ensure all parties are participating in a timely way.
  • Ability to report on opportunities not being worked, and therefore launch follow up campaigns
  • Provide competitive trade-in options to upgrade to your latest technology or replace a competitor
  • create device + software application bundles for partners and resellers who buy through distribution
  • Accelerate revenue by ensuring installed base is churned
  • Reduce the risk of losing market share or end customers
  • Great door opener for cross sell and up sell opportunities
  • Reports for all stages of the device + software application uptake in the market.

Make it easy for partners to drive customers to trade-in or trade-up their old products and upgrade to your latest offering. Ensuring footprint retention and continuous migration to the latest products creates lots of revenue opportunities for both you and your partners.

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