Channel Mechanics

Training and Enablement (LMS)

Easily create, curate and manage targeted partner training courses

Channel Mechanics

A training and enablement program tailored to the needs of your channel is a pivotal tool to optimize the performance of your partner ecosystem.

Channel Mechanics provides an automated, trackable, and manageable platform designed to facilitate dynamic training and enablement programs for partners.

Having well-trained partners is essential for selling, servicing, and supporting your products and services.  We help you to streamline and enhance onboarding and other partner journeys through easily created, self-paced, and guided learning experiences. The system’s advanced segmentation ensures that partners only access training materials relevant to their specific needs.

We provide a comprehensive suite of features to simplify course content creation and delivery and ensure engagement with a rich and interactive training experience.  We support multiple content types, including video, enabling you to cater for different learning preferences.

Channel Mechanics seamlessly connects with other Learning Management Systems (LMS) platforms, ensuring scalable access to training content and certifications. By leveraging this interoperability, organizations can extend their reach and provide partners with a centralized hub for continuous learning.

With Channel Mechanics, you can ensure your partners are well-equipped to effectively position, sell and support your solutions to customers.

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Benefits of The Channel Mechanics Training & Enablement Program

  1. Flexible Learning Journey: Enable partners with a self-paced, guided learning experience.
  2. Ensure relevance with courses tailored to specific partner segments.
  3. Modify or enhance courses in real-time without disrupting users.
  4. Empower individual learners with the “My Training Dashboard”: Partners can browse, select, and complete courses and quizzes at their own pace.
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Key Features

Key Features

  • Intuitive Content Creation: easily self-author courses, lessons, and quizzes.
  • Multimedia Integration: Directly upload and embed multiple types of content through course creation wizard. Also link out to external content (URLs) and embedded videos.
  • Content Management: Easily manage status, start and end dates for all training content.
  • Partner Management: Track enrollment, progress, and completion at both partner and individual level.
  • Targeted Learning Paths: Utilize segmentation to ensure partners only see training relevant to their needs.
  • Integration with LMS: Channel Mechanics also integrates with the majority of enterprise Learning Management Systems (LMS) giving you the ability to pull both enablement and certification data into your partner performance tracking.

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