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Ensuring Channel Incentives Deliver Partner Loyalty

Channel Mechanics

Ensuring Channel Incentives Deliver Partner Loyalty

Channel Mechanics is delighted to announce registration is now open for their forthcoming Webinar: “Ensuring Channel Incentives Deliver Partner Loyalty” with guest speakers, Paul Riordan, VP Channels International at Mitel, and Balaji Subramanian, Channel Leader at IGEL.


Date: Thursday, June 4th 2020

Time: 8am PST/11am ET/ 4pm BST




When it comes to influencing partner behavior, channel incentives play a key role. As we can see in the current climate, incentives have never been more important to ensure both partner loyalty and support. With the partner eco-system continuously evolving, both in complexity and scale, how incentives are structured and delivered matter now more than ever. Consequently, the execution of incentive programs impact how successful they are; firstly, in terms of attracting and retaining the right partners; secondly in achieving desired outcomes at both partner and individual level and ultimately in gaining a competitive advantage.


Join Kenneth Fox and Guest Speakers, Paul Riordan VP Channels International at Mitel and Balaji Subramanian Channel Leader at IGEL as they discuss:

– Firstly, why Incentives matter

– Channel Evolution; the complexity and scale as it relates to Incentives

– Why Incentives delivered via a platform approach deliver Partner Loyalty

– Partner Program alignment

– Incentive models and their alignment by partner type

– Determination of Partner targets and payouts

– Finally audience Q&A




Panel Speakers

Paul Riordan

Rated as one of the top 50 data leaders in the UK, Paul has a proven and trusted ability to comprehensively understand the key business processes that drive sales effectiveness and operational efficiency, resulting in incremental revenues. He has a 21 year track record of successfully implementing process and systems change within major corporations across Europe and the US. Thus encompassing all aspects of the business life cycle from start-ups to late stage business consolidation.


Balaji Subramanian

Grateful for gaining 20+ years of experience in the high tech industry, Balaji has worked at companies such as Cisco, Adobe, Informatica, ServiceMax and currently at Igel.  Balaji brings a strong breadth of experience in running a business, including roles in Finance, Sales Ops, Strategy Planning, Direct Sales and of course progressive meaningful experience in Channel Sales & Alliances, building Partner programs for and working closely with VARs, Distributors, Regional System Integrators and Global System Integrators.


Kenneth Fox

Kenneth Fox is the CEO of Channel Mechanics, an award-winning SaaS provider. The company has developed a suite of CIPM solutions to help vendors manage and maximize sales through their channel. His expertise includes Channel Strategy, Channel Enablement, Channel Development and Incentive Models.  Before joining Channel Mechanics, Kenneth worked work industry giants Avaya, IBM and Nortel.

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