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Infographic: 11 Reasons Channel Partners Leave Their Vendors

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Have you ever wondered the Reasons Channel Partners Leave? Because there was a meeting today about how to steal your channel partners!


That’s right.  This morning there are several people sitting in a conference room, laying out charts, graphs and strategies on how to lure your channel partners away.  These vendors have hired millennials, ex-employees and consultants, and are up to speed on all the latest channel marketing trends.  They understand the current climate and what today’s reseller wants and needs, as well as how to make the partner experience simple and fun.  Their incentive programs work and they have a high level of partner participation in all of their programs.


 “11 Reasons Channel Partners Leave Their Vendors”


Infographic: Reasons Channel Partners Leave


Click Infographic to Download: 11 Reasons Channel Partners Leave Their Vendors


Welcome to 2017.   Rapid change is inevitable.  All vendors must be able to embrace and execute.   For technology vendors that sell through the channel, how change is handled will make or break many companies.   Resellers have wants and needs that have shifted significantly from even 2-3 years ago.   Sales and marketing teams are becoming much more tech savvy.   Attention spans are shorter.   Ease of doing business has never been more important because everything must be “Apple Easy”.  Partners demand real time, relevant data and KPI’s 24 hours a day.  And they want it in a consistent way.  They want creative incentives that are tailored specifically for them.


Tech vendors who do not innovate, who are not in a constant state of growth, that are not staying on top of the newest best practices and ideas and are not putting aside time regularly to improve their partner’s experience, are going to remain stagnant and eventually shrink. That’s a lot to think about.


It makes a great checklist of what you need to do to keep partners happy.  How many can you check off the list?

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